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General information

The terrains have never been used for orienteering; therefore, no "old map" exists. The mapping work will be done during the first half of 2023, with a review closer to the JEC 2023 date.

Drawing specifications: IOF-ISOM 2017‑2 will be used for mapping.

Middle Distance: Alternation between very open, leafy but hilly forest, and more densely vegetated summits that reduce visibility and, above all, running speed, due to the vegetation on the ground. These zones require fine orientation.

Long Distance: The forest is identical to the  middle distance. Valleys are wide and easy to navigate. The steep slopes are often more practicable than the summits. A well-developed network of paths will increase the number of possible routes.  With longer interpost periods, navigation between green zones and route choices will be decisive factors in the success of this race.

Relay: The forest is even greener than on the middle distance course. It often pays to make a short detour around the densest areas.The relief is similar. This event requires intensive map reading. A final loop of 10 to 15', after the spectator control, will put your nerves to the test.

As regards the maps, the distances and time required to the start areas more, more detail will be provided in Bulletin 2.

The relay arena (and thus the start also) is contiguous to the Event Centre and accommodation centre.

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