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29 August 2023

Nations results are now published:

1. France
2. Czech Republic

3. Finland
Full results on the Competitor Info page.


28 August 2023

Results of today's relay are published. Congratulations to all athletes!


2. France: Diane BODY, Annabelle DELENNE, Alix VILLAR
3. Finland: Silva KEMPPI, Pihla HÄKKINEN, Jenny OJALA

1. France: Antoine DERLOT, Romain PICHARD, Guilhem VEROVE
2. Czech Republic: Jan STRYCEK, Martin GAJDA, Daniel BOLEHOVKSY
3. Estonia: Emil EENSAAR, Ossi Rasmus PRIKS, Jürgen JOONAS


27 August 2023

Results of today's long distance are published. Congratulations to all athletes!

1. Virna PELLIKKA (Finland)
2. Silva KEMPPI (Finland)
3. Viktorie SKACHOVA (Czech Republic)

1. Tomas KUCERA (Czech Republic)
2. Jan STRYCEK (Czech Republic)
3. Jussi ANKELO (Finland)

1. Inari KARPPINEN (Finland)
2. Tille DE SMUL (Belgium)
3. Diane BODY (France)

1. Jürgen JOONAS (Estonia)
2. Matiss SAULITE (Latvia)
3. Martin GAJDA (Czech Republic)


26 August 2023

Results of today's middle distance are published. Congratulations to all athletes!

1. Lucie DITTRICHOVA (Czech Republic)
2. Elli PUNTO (Finland)
3. Michaela NOVOTNA (Czech Republic)

1. Jan STRYCEK (Czech Republic)
2. Daniel BOLEHOVKSY (Czech Republic)
3. Joona HIRVILAHTI (Finland)

1. Salla ISOHERRANEN (Finland)
2. Diane BODY (France)
3. Barbora SMOLKOVA (Czech Republic)

1. Jürgen JOONAS (Estonia)
2. Bastien THENOZ (France)
3. Simon TOBLER (Austria)


20 August 2023

Number of participants


23 July 2023

Thanks to a partnership with Livelox, you'll be able to share your routes for the 3 competitions

16 July 2023

Releasing Bulletin 2 for JEC 2023

04 July 2023

2 Extra trainings


We will organise 2 extra trainings for the nations coming early.

They are situated 30km from the CC in a very nice terrain, technically relevant to train for JEC, from Wednesday 23/8 to Friday 25/8

Please reserve the 2 maps before 13/08/23 at 

We sell the package of 2 trainings for 10 euros.

For the nations arriving on Friday 25/8 or Saturday 26/8 it is always possible to train on the 2 model events included in your entry fee.

extrait entr JEC 1-page-001.jpg

17 Juin 2023

Competitors info update with the details of the Middle , Long Distance and Relay

21 Mai 2023

On 21 Mai 2023, 11 nations submitted their intention to take part to the JEC:

1. Australia (AUS)

2. Austria (AUT)

3. Belgium (BEL)
4. Estonia (EST)
5. Finland (FIN)
6. France (FRA)
7. Great Britain (GBR)
8. Germany (DEU)

9. Latvia (LVA)
10. Slovenia (SVN)
11. Czech Republic (CZE)

19 December 2022

Releasing Bulletin 1 for JEC 2023

08 November 2022

New dates: 26 - 28 August 2023

28 January 2021

Dear O-friends

We all continue facing the pandemic and its consequences; hopefully, with the vaccination campaign, we will soon see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Nevertheless, as you can imagine, Belgium cannot guarantee that the European sanitary situation at the beginning of April this year will be good enough in order to organise a safe JEC; and this without considering possible travel restrictions, quarantines... Organising or participating to implies that financially liable commitments have to be taken weeks before; therefore, Belgium is obliged to postpone the 2021 JEC.


In addition to this, and apart from the fact that it appears too early to reprogramme it in September 2021, as already communicated in the past, autumn is a very difficult period for organising in Wallonia, especially in 2021 because the pandemic also had an impact on the hunting opportunities.


After having consulted the JEC founding nations (AUT, FRA, GBR, GER, SUI) and considering that Germany has objective reasons for organising in 2022, Belgium proposes the following:

. 2021 nothing or an "informal" organisation (i.e. that could be planned and organised in a few weeks) when the sanitary situation will have considerably improved

. 2022 Germany

. 2023 Belgium

. 2024… to be discussed in 2021 among the 6 organising nations

Hoping that the situation will soon improve, we wish you all an early and safe restart of your orienteering activities.

Kind regards,

The 2021 JEC organising committee

10 October 2020

Releasing Bulletin 2 for JEC 2021

26 April 2020

Releasing Bulletin 1 for JEC 2021

23 April 2020

With regret, as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the organising committee of the JEC 2020 in Belgium decided to postpone the JEC 2020 to the Easter week-end 2021 according to the hereafter schedule :

- Friday 2 April 2021 : welcome and model event

- Saturday 3 April 2021 : Sprint in Durbuy

- Sunday 4 April 2021 : Long Distance in Baraque de Fraiture

- Monday 5 April 2021 : Middle Distance in Lierneux & Prize giving  Ceremony


"Spectators races" will be organised during the JEC 2021.


This postponement decision has been taken after having consulted and having received the agreement of the other 5 founding nations of the JEC (FRA-SUI-AUT-GER-GBR)

All the next years JEC move by one year:

JEC 2021         Belgium

JEC 2022         Germany

JEC 2023         England

JEC 2024         Austria

JEC 2025         Switzerland

JEC 2026         France


Very soon, our website will be updated and put in 2021 version.


Welcome in Belgium for the JEC 2021 !

03 February 2020

We have just been informed that the access to the Camp Roi Albert will no longer be granted (military trainings foreseen). We therefore have to turn to our reserve area: the Baraque de Fraiture. The accommodation remains unchanged. The distance between the accommodation and the Baraque de Fraiture is 33 km using a main road. Plenty of parking facilities.

31 January 2020

On 31 January 2020, 10 nations already submitted their intention to take part to the JEC:

1. Belgium (BEL): 23 members
2. Estonia (EST): 12 members
3. Finland (FIN): 19 members
4. France (FRA): 20 members
5. Great Britain (GBR): 18 members
6. Italy (ITA): 9 members
7. Portugal (POR): 9 members
8. Slovenia (SLO): 4 members
9. Sweden (SWE): 27 members
10. Switzerland (SUI): 23 members

24 January 2020

One week before the first deadline (31 January 2020), 7 nations already submitted their intention to take part to the JEC:

1. Estonia (EST): 12 members
2. Finland (FIN): 19 members
3. France (FRA): 20 members
4. Great Britain (GBR): 18 members
5. Italy (ITA): 9 members
6. Sweden (SWE): 27 members
7. Switzerland (SUI): 23 members

We are impatient to welcome the next ones!

24 December 2019

Jec 2020 Logo by Frank Vanspauwen

JEC2020 Logo

21 December 2019

Releasing Bulletin 1

19 December 2019

Releasing the website

28 September 2019

Flyer distributed at JEC 2019

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