Accommodation and catering


Breakfasts (cold buffet) and dinners (hot buffet) will be taken at the Event Center.

At breakfast time, the teams will have the opportunity to prepare their own takeaway lunches. In order to limit waste, the teams are kindly invited to bring their own containers and cutlery.



Located at the Event Center

Comfortable Bali Tents with 4, 6 or 8 beds

Maximum capacity: 200 beds

More information on the website



Entry and entries fees


The nations are kindly invited to submit by the 10.11.2020 (e-mail to their intention to take part to the JEC 2021, as well as the approximate size of the team. This will allow the organisers to better estimate the accommodation required.

Entries fees


The entry fees (identical for both athletes and team officials) include the accommodation (full board) as well as the entries to the competitions and the model event maps. Entries are valid only after reception of the payment.

In order to optimize the accommodation, it cannot be excluded that (unless additional costs to be negotiated)some rooms will be shared by athletes representing different federations. By the way, this does not go against socialisation that is one of the objectives of such events.

The entry form can be downloaded here and should be sent back to


Date of Entry


from Friday 02.04 evening

to Monday 05.04 noon

from Saturday 03.04 afternoon

to Monday 05.04 noon

before 30.11.2020

260 € per team member

210 € per team member

before 28.02.2021

270 € per team member

220 € per team member

later and depending on availabilities

290 € per team member

240 € per team member