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Punching system

SPORTident-SI Air (SIAC) will be used for the whole JEC 2023.

Teams are expected to bring their own SPORTident chips; however, SIACs can be rented (10 €) from the organisation on demand before the 15.06.2023.

Transportation to and during JEC

Going to the start areas of the middle and long distance competitions will require vehicles.

Teams use their own transport means.


Thanks to Livelox, the JEC 2023 courses will be available on the Internet based on the data collected from the competitors GPS watches at the finish area (no live tracking). Please make sure that your runners do not use watches giving a navigation assistance (these remain forbidden).

Competition rules

The most recent Competition Rules for IOF Foot Orienteering Events will apply. As a matter of exception, the GPS watches that do not give navigation assistance will be authorised as GPS logger. Please make sure that your runners watches are compliant with this rule.

IOF-ISOM 2017‑2 is used for the maps.

Complaints must be handed over, in a written form, at the SPORTident reading desk in the finish area not later than 15 minutes after the official results have been published (announced by the speaker).

Jury members: a member nominated by the organising federation and two members to be elected during the first Team Officials Meeting

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